Company Slogan


PT&E’S organization is tailored to meet Caterpillar dealership standards to best serve it’s customers with optimum convenience, keeping in mind that customers are after the best equipment and services and after the most cost effective solutions to their business.

Sales Department

The Sales Department provides Equipment Management Services which helps the customer make a well informed decision that best suits his particular needs by utilizing their knowledge and expertise, making use of Cat computer software wherever needed for sizing and selection of machines and other Caterpillar equipment. Equipment management Services include:

  • Machine selection

  • Attachment selection

  • Equipment investment analysis

  • Purchasing

  • Financing

  • Customer support agreements

  • Projecting owning and operating costs

  • Equipment record keeping

PT&E’s strategy is to maintain adequate stock levels of machines and equipment to cope with customers immediate demand and delivery.

Furthermore the sales engineers schedule regular visits to customers and their sites not only to market and promote sales, identify problems and needs, ensure customers satisfaction with the performance of machines, but also to advise customers on proper applications for optimum productivity.

Each sales engineer is provided with an i-mate , Company Vehicle, Mobile Tel Set to communicate with customers professionally and to prepare and submit offers to customers efficiently and in a very short time.

Service Department

The Service Department with its modern and fully equipped workshop facilities along with its field service capabilities is geared not only to repair and maintain customers equipment (All repairs are warranted for 6 months) but also to provide a variety of maintenance services that are vital for the customers to get the best possible reliability, performance and productivity from their equipment. The service Department essential capabilities that avail the customers are as outlined hereunder:

• Maintenance contracts
• Preventive maintenance programs
• Maintenance control systems
• Maintenance management planning
• Choice of maintenance products

Advanced analysis techniques help our customers save money and increase machines availability by ensuring that they do not replace components too soon but do replace them just before they fail. Thus the Service Department is capable to offer and provide predictive services, as outlined here below, to all customers.

  • Machine inspection programs

  • Technical analysis

  • Scheduled Oil Sampling(oil tests in our S.O.S lab. reveal inside info.)*

  • Hydraulic system inspection programs

  • Undercarriage wear analysis

  • Component condition monitoring

    * oil analysis is free of charge during the machines or repairs warranty periods.

Furthermore, the Service Department is capable to provide reconditioning services to lower repair costs which include repair options and factory remanufactured components (REMAN) as means of extending the production life of components in Cat equipment.

Parts Department

The inventory of parts at Ramallah and Gaza branches is controlled and managed through Dealer Channel Entry System, a computerized Caterpillar software for quick identification, location and retrieval.

For quick processing of orders and to respond to emergency requirements, parts operations are linked to Caterpillar’s worldwide communication system affording us access Caterpillar’s world wide parts distribution centers. This enables us fill our orders within minutes. Also a complete Caterpillar microfiche parts information system is maintained to ensure the supply of current parts.

Emergency orders are air freighted on the first incoming flight and a mobile parts delivery van moves around the country for local distribution and to provide emergency delivery in remote areas.

Our parts inventory is building up to reach our targeted availability of 90% by end of 2008.