Company Slogan

Product Support Department

Optimum Profit is the objective of every customer and every business. By maintaining his equipment our customer protects his investment. To him more uptime on the job and a machine that is always ready to run means optimum availability and increase earnings capacity. In brief our customer wants satisfaction and peace of mind and here is where our customer services staff (Product Support Reps.) step in to provide.

The department philosophy is to understand customers and their
needs and bridge communication channels between us and the customers, visit customers regularly free of charge, carry out field surveys to continuously update the s database. Their scope of work can briefly be described as follows:

Provide advice on Equipment Management and repairs

* Economical value repair option
* Equipment management systems and schemes
* Lowest per hour cost solutions
* does and donts with machines

Prime Product Support

* Machine's and Equipment start up
* Documentation
* Training- s Operators and Mechanics
* Assisting customers in making purchase decisions
* Distribute literature to customers
* Advise customers on their machines conditions
* Training Programs for the clients and PTE&C staff by highly
qualified training engineers at PTE&C training hall

To carry out its task, the department is staffed with engineers and
specialists armed with electronic diagnostic and testing tools directly linked to portable computers to enable them test and diagnose components and through the computer software obtain complete analysis and results that get reported to the customer. Also Custom Track Service (CTS) is performed by special ultra-sonic measuring instruments to detect undercarriage wear patterns. All these services are performed free of charge.