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System Description for Internet Enables Wireless Monitor System


This document provides a functional description and a business proposal for an Internet enabled Wireless monitor and control system, which complies with the “Customer ” requirements.

This document includes the following subjects:

  • Alarms.
  • Basic Functionality
  • Change Status.

This document is not a description of the system specification; it describes the system in a high level in order to provide the fundamental understanding of the system concept.

Alarms :

Status ( On/Off )
SMU ( Running Hours)
Battery Voltage Level
Engine Water Temperature
Engine Oil Level Warning.

Basic functionality

System configuration
Setting and parameters set by the system administrator:

  • Insert the wireless devices.
  • Define alerts distribution list.
  • Define Logical rules and behavior for each iCheckBox and for the entire system.

Change Status by the handset

  • User sends a pre defined SMS message to server.
  • The center application analyzes the message and act with accordance to its predefined rules. (Send a control command to the required iCheckBox).
  • iCheckBox receives the message, operates the required action and returns the new status to the server.
  • Application server (center) receives the status message, store it in the database and display it on the screen.